Everyone’s Human: Meeting Students Where They Are

https://ccco.yuja.com/V/Video?v=2135595&node=7979866&a=1555827394&autoplay=1 Exploration of how to reach students at their level, being cognizant that they have many things on their plates, and then how to help students to excel.Outcomes: Attendees will understand some of students’ barriers to learning, and then learn how to push students outside of their comfort zones with critical thinking and awareness in …

Take Your Course to the Next Level with Specifications Grading

Giving students meaningful work that aligns directly with course outcomes improves their motivation, engagement, and performance. Learn how specifications grading can take your courses to the next level for students of all backgrounds and abilities through linking grades directly to achieved outcomes.Outcomes: Attendees will 1) Identify how to motivate and engage students of all backgrounds …

The Future of Immersive Education

https://ccco.yuja.com/V/Video?v=2135479&node=7979880&a=1565194271&autoplay=1 What innovations do we see for the future of online education? Join us as we examine immersive education and ask you to share your suggestions.Outcomes: Attendees will identify innovative ideas, examine different ways to apply them in online classes, and reflect on the future of online education.