Virtual CONNECT 2021 Schedule

We are excited for you to join us on Thursday and Friday, October 14-15, 2021. All sessions will be held in Zoom. Prior to the conference, a Zoom URL will be provided allowing access to the sessions.

  • Day 1 Thursday, October 14
  • Day 2 Friday, October 15
  • CONNECT Kickoff
  • Welcome
  • Keynote Speaker 9:30
  • Session One 10:40
  • Session Two 11:40
  • Lunch 12:00
  • Session Three 1:00
  • Session Four 2:00
  • Department Chair Meetings 3:00
08:00 AM - 09:00 AMVirtual Donuts (Zoom Warmup) By TBDConference Track: All / Audience: All

Come one, come all to Virtual Donuts, where you can refamiliarize yourself with Zoom and chat with colleagues.

08:00 AM - 08:45 AM80s Metal Meditation By Stephen McElroy, CCCOnlineConference Track: All / Audience: All

Join Ronnie, Rob, Axl and the rest of the crew as they accompany you on this head-banging journey of hard rock harmonies. Gather up your teenage angst as we re-center mind, body, and soul in preparation for Virtual CONNECT 2021!

09:00 AM - 09:30 AMWelcome, Keynote Introduction By Dr. Tina Parscal Conference Track: All / Audience: All

Join Dr. Tina Parscal as she formally welcomes you to this year’s Virtual CONNECT Conference and tees up our keynote speaker!

09:30 AM - 10:30 AMKeynote Address By Dr. Jessica Rowland Williams, Every Learner EverywhereConference Track: All / Audience: All

Together Toward Tomorrow: Centering Equity in Digital Learning

Research shows that student performance in gateway courses is a direct predictor of retention and student success; however, Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and other minoritized student groups have historically been underserved in these courses resulting in higher DFWI rates and lower retention rates for these students. Digital learning can be a catalyst for improving course outcomes for historically minoritized students, but courses and instructors also need awareness and tools to address the affective, interpersonal, and situational challenges that Black, Latinx, Indigenous, and other minoritized student groups experience. In this keynote, I will share strategies for faculty and institutional leaders for digital learning transformation at scale that centers equity and racial justice.

10:40 AM - 11:30 AMTrauma-Informed Instruction By Amanda Christopher, Emily Perry, & Michael Verderaime, CCCOnlineConference Track: Creating a Sense of Belonging / Audience: Beginner

Zoom Session:

Zoom Session:

Trauma-Informed Instruction is an instructional technique to implement that will best support CCCS students struggling to engage and succeed in courses due to past and current traumas.

• Participants will identify what trauma is, who experiences trauma, and the impacts trauma has on academic engagement, success, and retention.
• Participants will define Trauma-Informed Instruction and identify the importance it has in higher education.
• Participants will learn easy ways to apply Trauma-Informed Instruction into their online classroom.
• Participants will construct their own trauma-informed response using the Framework for Email Responses.
• Participants will rehearse how to say no to a student request while using trauma-informed techniques.

10:40 AM - 11:30 AMMeet Learners Where They Are in Math and English By Eric Thompson, CCCOnline, & Terri Rowenhorst, NROCConference Track: Teaching Online / Audience: Beginner

Eric Thompson, CCCOnline Department Chair for Developmental and Technical Math, will share his experiences incorporating EdReady’s adaptive technology into a student success course. Complementing statewide changes in approaches to college readiness and remediation, this late start course was designed to orient students to the college experience with personalized review in both math and English, alongside the exploration of a variety of proven learning strategies.
• Participants will discover digital resources to help learners refresh English and math skills in preparation for Gateway courses (freely accessible online and available for local adaptation through membership).
• Participants will strategize about the role of adaptive technologies in web-enhanced or hybrid environments.
• Participants will consider the advantages of accessing data on student progress, study habits and gaps, while planning strategies to engage students on a path to success (from placement to remediation).

10:40 AM - 11:30 AMMeteoric Rubric Tricks By Leecy Wise, CCCOnlineConference Track: Creating a Sense of Belonging / Audience: Beginner

Rubrics empower students. Rubrics remove sages from stages and replaces them with learners as competent grade earners. Participants will review best practices and develop rubric criteria to help students perform! At the end of this session participants will have the resources and introductory practice required to create effective rubrics in different disciplines.
Participants will:
• Define rubrics and identify the benefit of using rubrics for both students and instructors.
• List essential features in designing effective rubrics in any discipline.
• Evaluate rubric samples for assessing different types of assignments.
• Share criteria for evaluating student performance at different levels.
• Restate rubric criteria for students with different language abilities.
• Comment on Websites that provide resources for creating rubrics.

11:40 AM - 12:00 PMGrading Taking Too Long? Some Tips to Increase Efficiency By Erik Richter, CCCOnlineConference Track: Teaching Online / Audience: Beginner

A mountain of grading, not enough time to wade through the river. We look at making grading more efficient, along with ideas for creating student handouts to increase student learning in your course.
Attendees will understand:
• Some challenges with the time of grading.
• Tips on grading papers and discussions more efficiently.
• Student handout creation ideas to speed grading and increase student learning.

11:40 AM - 12:00 PMOnline Communication & Collaboration By Rufina Butler, CCCOnlineConference Track: Teaching Online / Audience: Advanced

The pandemic has revealed emerging vulnerabilities in educational institutions, and online teaching and learning have been used by teachers and students on an unprecedented scale. This presentation explores collaborative efforts in faculty-student and student-student interaction that will continue to engage online students beyond the pandemic.
• Attendees will describe, through examples, how our students can be engaged in online courses beyond the required assignments.
• Attendees will integrate multiple dimensions of teaching through meaningful content and grading flexibility.
• Attendees will create social and content-based interaction in student-to-student and faculty-to-student collaboration.
• Attendees will understand why post pandemic will not be business as usual despite being fully online.

11:40 AM - 12:00 PM“Ask Us Anything” Q&A By Student Affairs Team, CCCOnlineConference Track: All / Audience: All

Join the CCCOnline Student Affairs staff for an informal “Ask Us Anything” Q&A

Instructors: Do you have questions about no-show reporting? Concerned about students going AWOL in your course? Wondering how to implement an accommodation? High school students asking for progress report for eligibility for their athletic team? Or what about help dealing with those upset parents.

This is a great opportunity for instructors to get answers! We’re glad to help!

12:00 PM - 12:50 PMLunch By ccconlinevirtual

Thursday lunch break

01:00 PM - 01:20 PMOnline Teaching Strategies to Engage Millennial Students By Renee Carroll, CCCOnline, & Co-Presenter, Rachelle DisBennett-Lee Conference Track: Teaching Online / Audience: Intermediate

We are reviewing quantitative research of Millennial learning environments. Tips and techniques for how to engage students will be provided to increase engagement and knowledge retention for online learners.
• Participants who attend this session will leave with practical tips and intriguing techniques for engaging students in an online platform that will result in increased retention and greater student engagement.
• Specifically, we will discuss social media, gamification, artificial intelligence, machine learning, the use of virtual reality and augmented reality, rubrics for engagement, and finally audio and video feedback in the classroom.

01:30 PM - 01:50 PMUtilizing Cloud-Based Survey Platforms in Synchronous Learning By Dana Abbey, Network of the National Library of Medicine Conference Track: Teaching Online / Audience: Beginner

Engaging students in an online environment can be a challenge. This session will highlight utilizing a cloud-based survey platform to capture student assignments during a 2-hour synchronous class. A cloud-based platform allows the instructor to easily make changes to the assignments and to capture the student’s work. Learners will be able to
• evaluate the usefulness of a cloud-based platform
• articulate how they would apply it to their online teaching

01:00 PM - 01:50 PMConnection is Key: Student Reflections Reveal Important Insights By Amanda Christopher, CCCOnline; Kelly Jo Eldredge & Heather Kroger, RRCC Conference Track:/Creating a Sense of Belonging / Audience: Beginner

Reflection assignments reveal insights about students’ experiences. In this presentation we will share what reflection assignments are, why they are useful, and a few ideas about how to implement them.
As an attendee, you will:
• Create your definition of “reflection.”
• Discover the benefits of student reflection assignments.
• Recognize how reflections create empathy and a personalization in teaching.
• Question why you would want to utilize student reflections in your courses.
• Repurpose examples from the panelists into your own assignment model.

01:00 PM - 01:50 PMUtilizing Collaborative Learning Techniques to Create Engaging Assessments By Michelle Milholland, CCCOnlineConference Track: Innovation / Audience: Intermediate

Explore an interesting and inclusive final assessment experience in a synchronous online course, and discuss how collaborative learning techniques can enhance assessment in all formats.
Attendees will:
• Recognize strategies for improving engagement and inclusivity in course assessments. • Identify examples of collaborative learning techniques.
• Explore ways to incorporate collaborative learning activities in synchronous online, asynchronous online, and face-to-face courses.
• Discuss potential benefits and challenges related to the use of collaborative learning techniques in all course formats.
• Examine the use of self-assessment and peer assessment as components of collaborative work.
• Recognize the importance of clear expectations for learner contributions, and identify tools that can be used to establish these expectations.

02:00 PM - 02:50 PMEmbedded Success Coaching: Partnering with CCCOnline Student Affairs to Improve Student Success By Melissa Kitterman, Zoë Levitt, Deisy Rosales, & Magdalena Sokolowski, CCCOnlineConference Track: Creating a Sense of Belonging / Audience: Beginner

Discuss pilot Embedded Success Coaching outcomes for ENG121/CCR094 pilot project. In coordination with Department Chair and instructors, Student Affairs implemented weekly retention activities to improve success rates, based on at-risk factors.
Learners will:
• Be encouraged to look at low pass rate courses at their institutions and consider the practice of embedding a Success Coach to positively impact retention and the student experience.
• Be challenged to look at their institution’s retention strategies for retaining first-year students and placed at-risk students.
• Be able to take away soft outreach activities that can be completed remotely to increase engagement and course completion.

02:00 PM - 02:50 PMCourse Design Why? Asking “Why” for Course Design Decisions By Kathy Sindt, Kristi Thorland, & Grace Whiteaker, CCCOnlineConference Track: Course Design / Audience: Intermediate

As the Instructional Design team at CCCOnline, we get a lot of questions about why we do things one way and not another way in our course design process. In this session, we will answer your questions related to the “why” behind course design strategies… even those we do not use.
Attendees will:
• Apply explanations of intentional course design decisions to own justifications of design decisions;
• Interview Instructional Designers on their expert knowledge related to course design, learning theory, or experience-based advice;
• Network with others on course design practices with Instructional Designer advice and insights.

02:00 PM - 02:50 PMENG121 Student Learning Outcomes Assessment By Stephen McElroy, CCCOnlineConference Track: Innovation / Audience: Intermediate

Learn about the ways we automated the collection of ENG121 student learning outcomes data in D2L and evaluated trends in student learning over four semesters.
Participants will be able to
• Identify strengths and weaknesses in ENG121 student learning outcomes and
• Brainstorm ideas and targeted strategies for improving the course to better support ENG121 students.

02:00 PM - 02:50 PMThe Future of Online Lab Learning: Experience the Cloud By Therese Fukuda, CCCOnline, & Sean McCarthy, Science Interactive Conference Track: Teaching Online / Audience: Beginner

This session will introduce you to Science Interactive and our award-winning SI Cloud, an online learning platform for lab science that facilitates both hands-on and digital exercises. Attendees will come away from this presentation with an extensive understanding of how our award-winning learning platform, the SI Cloud, can be used to design and facilitate online lab science courses. Our SI Cloud is the only learning platform built by science instructors, for science instructors. We provide instructors with full control over their online classroom, and with our robust library of tactile and digital experiments, we can help you teach the scientists of tomorrow, no matter where they are today.

03:00 PM - 04:00 PMCCCOnline Department Chair Meetings By CCCOnline Department ChairsCCCOnline Department Chairs

CCCOnline Instructors: this is your designated time to meet with your Department Chairs for your annual meetings.

Meeting links coming soon.

  • Warm-Up
  • Colorado Online Forum 9:00
  • Awards 10:30
  • Session Five 11:00
  • Lunch Break 12:00
  • Session Six 1:00
  • Session Seven 2:00
  • Closing Ceremony
08:30 AM - 09:00 AMVirtual Donuts (Zoom Warmup) By TBDConference Track: All / Audience: All

Come one, come all to Virtual Donuts, where you can warm up your Zoom skills if desired and chat with colleagues.

09:00 AM - 10:30 AMColorado Online @ Open Forum By Landon Pirius, CCCSConference Track: All / Audience: All

Dr. Landon Pirius, Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs at Colorado Community College System, will give a fall semester update on the Colorado Online project.  During this open forum, Landon will provide an update on the status of the implementation of Colorado Online and will answer questions attendees have. 

10:30 AM - 11:00 AMAwards Ceremony By Amy Kahn, Dean of Academic Affairs, CCCOnlineConference Track: All / Audience: All
Join us in our annual celebration of academic excellence at CCCOnline! Dr. Amy Kahn, Dean of Academic Affairs, will lead the ceremony. The Instructional Excellence Awards are presented each year to those outstanding instructors who exemplify the CCCOnline Academic Mission Statement, who actively support student learning and student success in the classroom, and who demonstrate strengths in our core values and principles of integrity, quality, collaboration, and strategic planning.
The Dr. Nancy McCallin Award for Online Teaching honors a CCCOnline instructor who demonstrates exceptional teaching and who fosters student success. Finally, we are pleased to present a Subject Matter Expert (SME) of the Year Award, as well as a Department Chair of the Year Award.
11:10 AM - 12:00 PMEnhancing Faculty-Student Connections in a Blended Learning Environment By Kristin Hess, CCCOnline; Susanna Spaulding, CMC; Erin Farrey, Lumen Learning Conference Track: Creating a Sense of Belonging / Audience: Intermediate

In this collaborative session, participants evaluate a blended learning environment to promote students’ belonging that combines Lumen Learning’s Waymaker courseware and virtual classroom instruction with enriched open educational resources (OER).
The participant learners will:
• Review a course structure for Introduction to Business that combines enriched open educational resources (OER) from Lumen Learning with a learning management system (LMS) and virtual classroom instruction.
• Learn about one instructor’s successes and challenges in creating self-regulated learners in a blended learning environment.
• Examine a strategy for developing intentional, independent, self-directed learners.
• Share their research and practice with designing courses for blended learning environments.
• Suggest best practices and network to promote future collaborations.

11:10 AM - 12:00 PMNot Your Great Grandfather’s Math / Science Course By Paul Smith, CCCOnlineConference Track: Course Design / Audience: Intermediate

Two mice and two humans find cheese in a maze. As the cheese dwindles, the mice explore the maze, finding new cheese. The hungry humans demand, “Who moved our cheese?” The contents and evolution of standard introductory math and science courses will be reviewed from a holistic perspective.
Participants will examine the following questions:
• Have we institutionalized outdated courses that prepare students for a 1960’s science / engineering education?
• Are traditional materials optimal for online /self-taught learning?
• Are there redundancies and gaps in the curricula contents and progression?
• Are topics that are taught as though they are different actually the same?
• Are there multidiscipline integration opportunities?

11:10 AM - 12:00 PMShort Cuts: Creating a New DEI Experience By Beth Davies, Adrianna Lopez, & Magdalena Sokolowski, CCCOnlineConference Track: Creating a Sense of Belonging / Audience: Advanced

Learn about CCCOnline’s new opportunity in which participants explore multiple threads of identity as a platform to foster empathy, inclusivity, storytelling and tolerance. Facilitators will share experiences and DEI applications. Upon completing this session, participants will understand:
• The need for DEI training that allows participants to feel welcomed and valued;
• How the objectives, outcomes and themes for a dynamic and engaging DEI were created;
• What we learned about leading PD with colleagues – particularly discussing potentially sensitive topics; and
• Our recommendations and goals for including DEI topics in student or colleague-facing online formats.

11:10 AM - 11:30 AM“Ask Us Anything” Q&A By Student Affairs Team, CCCOnlineConference Track: All / Audience: All

Join the CCCOnline Student Affairs staff for an informal “Ask Us Anything” Q&A

Instructors: Do you have questions about no-show reporting? Concerned about students going AWOL in your course? Wondering how to implement an accommodation? High school students asking for progress report for eligibility for their athletic team? Or what about help dealing with those upset parents.

This is a great opportunity for instructors to get answers! We’re glad to help!

12:00 PM - 12:50 PMLunch Break By CCCOnline Colleagues

Join your colleagues for a virtual lunch!

01:00 PM - 01:20 PMLet’s Talk about Tech Support By Melody Fan and Warren Smith, CCCOnlineConference Track: Teaching Online / Audience: Beginner

Join the Academic Technology Support team to review the most effective instructor and student support channels available. Discover a couple of technical tips to share with your students and learn about new D2L tool features and improvements.
Attendees will be able to:
• Describe the 24×7 Support Channels available to students and instructors
• List which support channels are the best options for students and instructors
• Describe 24×7 Helpdesk Tier 1 support and how to request assistance
• Share technical support tips with their students to improve student experience
• Utilize new D2L tool features and improvements

01:00 PM - 01:50 PMMillennials, Z’s, and Alphas, Oh My! By Beth Rescigno, CCCOnline, & Brian Lewton, NJC Conference Track: Ceating a Sense of Belonging / Audience: Beginner

Join us on a journey through the generations with ideas on creating a sense of belonging for each of these in F2F, hybrid, and online classrooms.
By the end of the session, participants will have
• A better understanding of Generation Z and how they compare to Millennials and the upcoming generation Alpha,
• Strategies to create a sense of belonging with the three generations in one classroom,
• Ideas on course content to meet the needs of all generations.

01:00 PM - 01:50 PMWalk a Mile in My VR Shoes – Using Simulation Avatars to Build Human-to-Human Soft-Skills By Clint Carlson, University of Colorado - School of Dental Medicine Conference Track: Innovation / Audience: Intermediate

Explore VR avatar simulations to connect conversational and emotional responses for training human soft skills in speaking with patients, diversity, etc., and to make mistakes and explore complex conversations with others. Learners will:
• Understand how we can use simulation to teach, train, evaluate and provide feedback using VR.
• See behind the scenes on how we trigger emotional responses from VR avatars to provide instant feedback.
• Understand the importance of simulation as a “safe space” to make interpersonal connections before applying communication techniques with others.
• Understand how we are using the technology at the CU Anschutz Medical Campus to prepare our future doctors on dealing with sensitive medical history gathering, information distribution, and community outreach.

01:30 PM - 01:50 PMPD at CCCOnline: What’s New for 2021 By Liz Dzabic, CCCOnlineConference Track: Innovation / Audience: Beginner

Come learn how to access and enjoy CCCOnline’s latest professional development offerings! We’ll cover the latest SAP (Self-Directed Advanced PD) modules, an updated webinar archive, and more.

At the end of this session, participants will:
• Be familiar with our SAP modules, webinar archive, and CCCO Community.
• Understand how to access all the PD mentioned in the presentation.

02:00 PM - 02:50 PMBuilding Community Employing Culturally Relevant Pedagogy By Mollye Russell, CCDConference Track: Creating a Sense of Belonging / Audience: Intermediate

Foster community in your classroom utilizing culturally relevant teaching (CRT) practices. CRT uses ethnically diverse students’ cultural knowledge and frames of reference to create a supportive and accessible learning environment.
Participants will leave the session with
• An understanding of culturally relevant pedagogy and
• Ideas for how to implement and adapt the pedagogy to their classroom.

02:00 PM - 02:50 PMD2L Tool Updates for 2021 By Kristin Rivedal, CCCOnlineConference Track: Teaching Online / Audience: Beginner

Join us to see the latest tool updates in D2L! Once we have reviewed those, we will have open question time to answer as many of your LMS questions as we have time for!
Attendees will learn about the new features in D2L including
• The new HTML editor, • The new assignment creation and evaluation experience, and
• The latest way to set D2L quiz accommodations.

02:00 PM - 02:50 PMCould Departmental Action Teams (DATs) Help Catalyze Educational Innovation in Community College Departments? By Sarah Wise, CU-BoulderConference Track: Innovation / Audience: Intermediate

The DAT Project provides facilitators for faculty-staff-student departmental teams. The teams catalyze sustained change in curriculum, instruction and/or culture. Explore ideas and resources for catalyzing change in your departments!
Attendees will:
• Identify some ideal changes that would benefit your department.
• Become familiar with the DAT Model and examples of how DATs have created curricular, instructional, and/or cultural change.
• Compare examples of DAT change projects to change efforts going on in your institution.
• Relate DAT project principles to the culture of your department.
• Hypothesize which aspects of the DAT Model will work well — and not so well — in the community college context.
• Become familiar with free change support resources at

02:00 PM - 02:50 PMService Learning in the Online Classroom By Gina Swanson, PPCCConference Track: Creating a Sense of Belonging / Audience: Intermediate

In this session you will explore the impact, development and use of Service Learning in online courses as a High Impact Practice (Kuh, 2008).

Attendees will:
• Understand the importance of Service Learning as a High Impact Practice (Kuh, 2008) in terms of retention and persistence among historically disadvantaged students;
• Explore tools and opportunities for employing Service Learning in various courses;
• Examine specific techniques for managing student project creation, completion and sharing of work;
• Explore options for assessing student work, including student project proposals/papers/presentations, discussion board work, peer feedback, self-reflection and instructor grading with rubrics.

03:00 PM - 03:30 PMClosing Ceremony By Dr. Tina Parscal

Gather one last time to wrap up, briefly, these fabulous two days with your colleagues.